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Are you flaming and don't know where to go?

Give us the:
...and we'll give you the rest of the queer world.

***Our Objective:
*To inform gay and gay friendly people of where the happening queer hot spots are.
*To give accurate information and accounts of places that are open to the queer community.
**To inform of any news about the gay community.
***Queer related politics may also be posted pending judgement by either QS monitor

This new community is brought to you and maintained by:
kiri237 & slavescreams

NOTE: We reserve the right to remove/alter posts, or make a request to the poster to do so. QS' objectives are described above. PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC.

Also please remember to include the city and state of which you are referring to when posting.

For a list of gay + gay friendly locations by state and/or city, check out our Memories as a search tool.

PS: If you have any input as to what other interests we should include feel free to let us know! If you have any other ideas, tell us!

If you wish to contact us via e-mail, you may do so here: Contact Us

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